Thursday, March 18, 2010

Second set of Pictures.

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These pictures somehow got left behind but I thought they were worthy of showing!. The dress in the chair is the one my daughter made and the other one are of Kate and I sewing at the kitchen table. Loved this day with all of my girls!

A Family that Sews together Needs a Really Good Seam Ripper to Tear them Apart!

I am so blessed to be able to say I had something to do with my daughter and daughter-in-law learning to sew. When we get together now we bring machines or go shopping for fabric and patterns. We have been to several places together and we always have a great time. Kate really enjoyed dabbling in sewing until she got her new machine and she went crazy sewing: table runners, pillows, pajamas, many different purses and aprons. I love seeing her completed projects and her enthusiasm for the craft. The pictures are of A-Bug modeling and helping us to measure for a darling dress that Kate made for her dear friends daughter. This was a sewing technique that I had never done before. Kate sewed with elastic thread in the bobbin to make the stretchy top on a sun dress. My daughter made one too for her friend's daughter and they both turned out darling. The fabric for both dresses was darling!!
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A-Bug Playing in the Park with Bubbosh!

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This little shirt was one of my favorite fabric selections at the beginning of A-bug's life. I loved the cap sleeves of the pattern top too. The kids took her to the park for pictures in the top and a pair of Naartjie pants, (favorite kids store). This is so fun to see the clothes on such a cute little model. Chosing fabric is the key to making a garment the best it can be. Bubbosh (bubbles) are still a favorite almost a year later. Give her a bucket of bubbles and some scoops, shovels, cups and other buckets she can play for at least 30 minutes all by herself just transferring bubbles and water back and forth. Oh the life!!!!!!! (Photos by Captivating Photo and Design Co.)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Shout Out for my Creative Daughter

When my daughter was a middle school student I forced her to be in 4H, learning cooking, sewing and crafts. She really did enjoy it once she was there, but it would never have been a number one choice. She started crafting and making beautiful soldered necklaces and Christmas Ornaments where she solders photos, phrases and other pictures in between two pieces of glass. She has made some amazing jewelry. After she had A Bug she has started to sew and this post is a shout out to her. Her mama is very appreciative that she has applied the skills from years ago to create this darling dress for her A Bug. Love the boots too!!! She just possibly will love the idea that her Mimi is a Montanan at heart.
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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shopping at the Coast

Last Spring my girl friends and I went to the Oregon Coast to one of my friend's cabins to have a Bunco weekend. Of course on the way over we hit every possible fabric shop. I am a new quilter but I have sewn children's clothes on and off for the last 30 years so I am always looking for a new project. While I am working on a quilt, wallhanging etc., I like to have smaller projects that can be completed quickly. I love looking at fabrics and thinking about what a piece or a collection of pieces would look like on my little bug in an outfit, skirt, pants.... About the third quilt shop we came to I was admiring the various Asian fabrics and came up with two pieces that had small enough prints to make an outfit for her. I had already found a pattern a few weeks earlier so hence this darling little bug ready for pictures in an Asian Garden. My daughter is the one I really think about first when selecting projects and fabric. She is the one that dresses our little bug and I want her to be pleased with my selections before I even begin. I love the whole process...dreaming....planning out all the details I want....selecting the pattern or on rare occasions no pattern....finding the perfect fabric....showing it all to my Daughter....sewing it...adjusting the fit when necessary....and the best part....seeing it on our little bug!
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

She loves to see the baby in the mirror and said,"Pretty!"

Thought you may want to see the "little bug" I have fun creating for, as she is now 17 months. We have a Father Daughter Dance here in town and she got to attend last night! She is such a joy! I did NOT make this dress!!!! My creations are much less complicated.